Greggs vs McDonald's

Greggs vs McDonald’s – Who is the King of UK?

According to the Lumina Intelligence UK Food in 2021, the Greggs has increased its share in the market by 1.3 ppts in the 12 weeks of occasions to 10.7%. The main reasons for the growth was sausage rolls that held it to a 5% share of the total food items purchased by the people but the burgers have the very high point of sale but sandwich is on the 2nd position.

Greggs vs McDonald's

On the other hand, McDonald was started in the Philippines in 1978 and it got fame and name within no time. It competes with the world’s largest brands but Greggs gave it a tough time.

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History of Greggs

It was February 2021 when Greggs was launched to satisfy the customers. Providing quality food items is one of the most admirable moto to get the attraction of the people. Greggs is the name of quality and brand because there are 2300 Greggs in the UK only because the stuff matters a lot to us. 

Quick Takeaways

  • Greggs got fame and name within no time due to its best services and taste and the users of the brand have been increasing with the passage of time. 
  • The prices for all the food items offered for you are quite reasonable and affordable.
  • There are more than 1698 outlets working for the people to meet their needs of taste and delight. 
  • You will get something new to the Greggs if you visit the outlets where you want to take breakfast or lunch. 
  • It is the name of brand and quality that the 20000 employees received a bonus of £500. 
  • It is creating a million businesses for the people who manage all the services and of the people who are related to it. 

The Origin of Greggs

Greggs is one of the best British bakery chains working within the world. Sausage rolls, sandwiches, and many kinds of sweets are available for you. It was the year of 1939 when John Gregg founded the brand as a Tyneside bakery but the first shop was opened in Gosforth, Newcastle in 1951.

Greggs vs McDonald's

Ian Gregg’s son took over the brand after the death of his father in 1964. Although it took time to get fame and name , Greggs got popularity all over the world due to the fresh ingredients, taste and the hard work of Ian.

Greggs vs McDonalds

The business of food has the power and quality to expand if you provide the quality food and the same case was in 1981 when people gave a boost to the franchise which were offering a wide variety of food items with taste and delight. Macdonald got name and fame as they opened their first branch in the Philippines. 

It was the hard work of the people related to the franchise and the taste with fresh ingredients that it got fame all over the world. Now there are more than 5000 locations of the brand all over the world. It took 23 years to get this status all over the world. 

How did Greggs get popularity in the Philippines?

Greggs is the name of quality and brand as it took time to earn name and fame within the world but it also took a great time to get its fame within the Philippines. People living in the country love to eat daily food items and taste. Greggs was one of the best brands with all the latest sweet dishes that are loved by the people of the Philippines.

There are many varieties of food items like:

  • Burgers 
  • Rolls 
  • Sandwioches 
  • Sweets 
  • Butter 
  • Steak bake 
  • Pizza 
  • Cold drinks and many more of your choice

Greggs offered best and tasty food items so it got name and fame:

  • Fresh ingredients is one of the top quality of the brand 
  • All the food items are made of better recipes 
  • You can taste baked items in quite reasonable price 
  • A well renowned brand 

Due to its taste and quality, it is getting fame and name and the purity of the brand has been increasing with the passage of time.

Where are both Brands Today?

Greggs has more than 500 locations all over the world and with the passage of time the name and fame has been increasing. The revenue earned annually by the brand is $1.81 billion. Macdonald has more than 650 locations all over the world but it is getting $845 billion revenue annually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both the brands have name and fame all over the world. Macdonald is the older brand so it is earning more revenue a name but Greggs has the edge due to its short period to do time because it is getting the same name and fame among the people in no time.

Fresh ingredients and affordable prices are the best things the people love to eat.

There are more than 500 locations offering their food items all over the world.

Expected $1.81 Billion is the total revenue earned early by Greggs brand.

Yes, like McDonald, I love to use the food items offered by Greggs.


Welcome to the world of food and delights. People from all over the world love to taste fresh and tasty food items provided by some brands. McConnell is the older one but Greggs is getting name and fame within no time due to its extra fast delivery and fresh ingredients laden with taste and delights. Don’t worry if you live quite far because you can order online as well. All the food items offered by Greggs are healthy and tasty for you.

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