How much is a Greggs Coffee? 

Start your day in the perfect way. Greggs plc is a most famous bakehouse in the United Kingdom. Its menu includes a wide range of coffees and drinks other than savories, sandwiches and sweet treats. It provides some unique flavored coffees like white coffee and swirl cinnamon. It may be available on other brands with the change of product name.

Greggs makes coffee, tastes good. Americano is a freshly ground espresso coffee. All coffees are a blend of rich flavored Arabica and Robusta beans. Greggs has a commitment with Fairtrade for highly grown coffee beans. The coffee menu provides different flavors of coffee. Swirl cinnamon latte is sweet cinnamon flavored coffee with sugar dusting and cream topping. Take a pack of cheese and onion chips and enjoy with a cup of coffee .

Coffee and Drinks

You can enjoy coffee espresso or with two shots of steamed and frothy milk. A cup of coffee refreshes you all day long.

  • A·mericano
  • ·Latte
  • ·Cappuccino
  • ·Caramel latte
  • ·Vanilla latte
  • ·Cinnamon swirl latte
  • ·Mocha
  • ·White coffee
  • ·Flat white
  • ·Cinnamon flat white
  • ·Espresso
  • ·Hot chocolate
  • ·Regular tea
  • ·Green tea
  • ·Peppermint tea
  • ·Fairtrade apple juice
  • ·Sparkling water
  • ·Still water

Allergens Guide

Some people are allergic to some food ingredients, milk is one of them. Milk is labeled as an allergen in the menu. So if you’re milk allergic, stay away from coffee containing milk. Just take a cup of espresso and enjoy.

Must read the allergens guide before consuming any product.

FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

Sugar in the coffee is added to your choice. You can take a cup of sugar free coffee and enjoy a healthy drink .

Coffee prices vary from £1.85 to £2.85. A regular cup of coffee ranges £1.85 while a large cup of coffee ranges £2.85.

Visit Greggs nearest outlet, order a cup of regular coffee with some snacks and enjoy it. Flavor is all of your choice .


Whether you’re awake from a long sleep or tired of an all day hectic routine, take a cup of coffee and fuel up your body. Order your favorite coffee whether it is espresso or flat white. Freshly ground and Fairtrade Arabica and Robusta beans are used as a blend of coffee. They provide rangeable coffee across the country. Loved It!

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