Greggs Opening & Closing Hours [Updated Time] – 2024

Greggs is a British bakery chain that can be found in the train stations and shopping malls of cities. The chain is famous for baked items but customers can take their breakfast, lunch and dinner. Opening hours of Greggs varies in different regions. At different places people can take food according to taste in their opening hours. You can Check the Greggs Full Menu 2024.

Greggs Opening & Closing Hours [UK]

DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday7:00 AM7:00 PM
Tuesday7:00 AM7:00 PM
Wednesday7:00 AM7:00 PM
Thursday7:00 AM7:00 PM
Friday7:00 AM7:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM6:00 PM
Sunday9:00 AM5:00 PM

Serving time for Greggs 

If customers want to take a Greggs  breakfast including porridge, croissants, sausage they can take it at 11am everyday. Many Greggs outlets are open at the weekend. Greggs had 2300 stores across the UK to serve the devourers with their best and freshly baked meals. Greggs stores can be found at many train and bus stations across the UK.

When does Greggs stop serving breakfast?

Greggs offers breakfast all the morning until 11 am. You can get all the eatables when you want to get them but before 11 am because it is the break time for Greggs. Sausage, omelet with tomato ketchup are best to eat in your breakfast because these food items are considered the best eatables.

Tell us the breakfast hours during the weekend?

Greggs typically serves breakfast during the weekend from around 7:00 am to 11:00 am. However, these hours can be changed due to the specific location and its opening times. It’s best to check with your local Greggs branch to confirm their exact breakfast serving hours during the weekend.

Greggs Opening Hours


Greggs store is at king cross station in London. The opening hours vary from 6:30 to 8pm.


In Birmingham Greggs store is open from 5:20 am till 11pm.


At the central bus station ,6:30am to 9pm and at Oxford road,6am to 6pm.


At Buchanan bus station Greggs store is open from 6am to 8pm. In Glasgow there is a shopping center, Greggs store is open at 6:30 am and closed till 6pm.

New castle

At Highcross shopping center, Greggs store is open till 7am to 6:30 pm. In meadow hall shopping center Greggs opening hours vary from 7am to 10pm.


In Liverpool , Greggs outlet is open till 7:30am to 6pm.

United Kingdom

Across the United Kingdom there are 2300 Greggs stores. Generally the stores are opened at 6am and shut around 6pm.

FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

Weekend is the best time to treat yourself. Many Greggs outlets are open at weekends but an hour later than usual for a more relaxed Sunday.

Across the UK Greggs opening hours vary differently but most of their doors are open between 6am to 7:30 pm.

If you are tired in search of the best dinner before bed, Greggs is the best option for you.


Forever the best bakery chain across the United Kingdom, Greggs offers deals with the quality of time. Their baked products including sausage rolls, sandwiches, and sweet items are fresh and available at the store in the opening hours. Savories will find the nearest Greggs store with the best use of Portal finder to grab the best time.

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