How much is a Greggs franchise? [Profit & Loss] – 2024

Greggs plc is a British Bakery chain known for its sausage rolls, sandwiches, savories and sweet treats. Since the 1940s, Greggs continuously grows franchisees to operate with an established brand and loyal  customer base.

To open a franchise of Greggs, it must need an initial investment which is £150,000 to £250,000. It includes £20,000 franchise fee, other costs are of equipment and sales, royalty fees, Marketing and advertising, employee training and insurance. This is a rewarding venture but a startup needs some investment as every business demands. There are about 500 Franchised Greggs in the United Kingdom.

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Greggs Franchise Policies


Usually the franchises are opened in locations where companies hardly manage their operations. These locations are petrol stations, educational establishments, office areas etc.


Currently, Greggs has 16 franchise partners across the United Kingdom. Approximately 20% of Greggs store estate consisted of franchised outlets.


Greggs provides operational support and franchise training includes marketing and advertising.

Proprietary rights

Greggs provides access to franchise owners of proprietary recipes and products.

Financing options

Greggs franchisees can finance their franchise through traditional bank loans, SBA loans or  franchisor financing options.


Strict franchise regulations, competition and operational requirements are some challenges faced by a franchisor while opening a Greggs franchise.

FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between franchise and outlet?

Franchise is a business model of an organization that grants permission to an individual to sell their goods in a specific location. The outlet is owned by an organization that sells goods itself.

What are royalty fees?

Royalty fee is a kind of tax a franchise must pay to the company for using its brand name, intellectual property and systems.

How much does Greggs conduct royalty fees?

Greggs conducts 5% royalty fees from the franchise’s monthly or quarterly gross sales. It is based on the franchise net sales .


Greggs has 16 franchise partners and 500 franchise outlets in the UK.It’s a profitable business opportunity for a Greggs franchise but you have to do keen research on following factors such as market trend and strategy, financial planning and Greggs support to increase your chances of success as a Greggs franchisee. You can also open a franchise if you have potential, but remember all  above factors for success.

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