Greggs Allergen Menu – [Updated 2024]

Greggs is well known for its freshly baked products serving throughout the United Kingdom. They understand the benefits of fresh and hygienic food, therefore they prepare fresh items and take care of removing tiny pieces of fruit stones, egg shells or bones, sometimes small amounts may be left in items. There are some ingredients used which are allergic to some of the consumers.

Greggs Allergen Menu

Greggs managed cross contamination but not to an allergen free level. Food standards agency recognized 14 ingredients as allergens from which few are listed below for the satisfaction of customers. You Can Also Check the Greggs Menu Updated Price list.

Sausage Roll
Steak Bake
Vegan Sausage Roll
Vegan Steak Bake
Chicken Bake
Bacon Roll
Tuna Crunch Baguette

Allergens are something that cause harm to that specific person who is allergic to those specific ingredients. Allergens are labeled on their packaged products while for freshly prepared items, Greggs offers both the nutritional and allergen information leaflet available in every shop for the satisfaction of customers. For example , ginger bread contains milk and wheat allergens.

Must read the allergens guide before using any product.

Greggs Allergen Menu

Gluten Free Products

Gluten free products are defined as the final product containing no more than 20 mg/kg of gluten. Greggs manufactured gluten free products under gluten controls and marked the final product with (GF) after the product name. Checkout the Greggs Opening & Closing Hours (2024).

Always read the product label before consuming because Gregg`s products are kept improving and ingredients are liable to change.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Gregg is a proud member of the Roundtable on sustainable palm oil (RSPO) and  all of Gregg`s products are made of 100% palm oil ingredients.

Gregg`s gluten free products are manufactured by gluten free recipes under gluten controls and testing regimes.

Allergens guide is labeled on packaging, available at outlets or displayed at the website. For further queries, please contact their customer care team.


People are allergic to some food ingredients and intake of those ingredients may cause harm to them. To avoid this harm, Greggs labeled allergens on the food packaging. You can get an allergens information leaflet from every shop and allergens guide is also available on Gregg`s website.

For further queries about allergens, you can contact Greggs customer care team. Other nutritional information is also available on the website. Vegan friendly and gluten free products are available and labeled as vegan friendly and GF respectively.

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