Greggs Breakfast Menu with Price List [Updated] – 2024

In the morning, you need a healthy breakfast to be fueled all day long. Greggs admire this need and provide delicious, healthy and affordable breakfast for its customers. To satisfy your breakfast cravings, Greggs offer many items such as sausage rolls, hash browns, bacon omelet baguettes and much more.

Greggs pastry bites are quick and delicious. Greggs breakfast menu is perfect to raise someone’s appetite. Greggs serves a variety of breakfast and morning appetizers. To drink they offer a variety of drinks including hot cups of tea and coffee. You will find affordable meals at Greggs menu.

Greggs Breakfast Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (£)
Breakfast RollSoft roll with choice of sausage, bacon, egg, or veggie£2.00 – £3.00
Breakfast BaguetteSimilar to roll, served in a baguette£3.00 – £4.00
Breakfast WrapTortilla wrap with scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, etc.£2.50 – £3.50
Breakfast BapLarger roll with extra fillings like hash browns£3.00 – £4.00
PorridgeWarm porridge with toppings like honey, fruit£1.50 – £2.50
Yogurt and Fruit PotYogurt with fresh fruit or compote£1.50 – £2.50
Breakfast Meal DealsCombination of items with hot or cold drink£3.00 – £5.00

Here are some breakfast options of Greggs in Detail.

Greggs Breakfast Menu with Price

Breakfast Porridge

Greggs breakfast porridge is a great option. Porridge is made with creamy oats. You can use honey or sugar to add some sweetness.

Roast Chicken Sandwich

Sandwich is made up of roasted chicken and bacon club baguette.

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Butter Croissant

In a world of crisp, croissants are filled with butter to make it buttery.

Cajun Rice

Smoky cajun rice served with BBQ chicken and sweetcorn fritters are topped over rice.

Sweet Potato Bhaji Rice

Mashed potato bhaji is served with boiled rice to make the dish delicious.

Golden and Simple Porridge

Porridge is a perfect breakfast meal. Golden syrup and simple cream are added to porridge to make it flavorful.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Greggs breakfast is only available for a limited time.  Greggs breakfast times may vary in different regions.

Greggs offers Americano, cappuccino, hot chocolate, flat white, caramel latte, tea, mocha, vanilla latte and white coffee.

The porridge is made with creamy oats and has a nice , thick, rich texture. You can add a touch of sweetness by adding sugar and honey. The oats will keep you satisfied all day long. 


Greggs breakfast and baked foods are delicious and freshly cooked with an aromatic smell.  All foods are available at affordable prices.  Greggs outlets are spread across the United Kingdom. Different kinds of drinks include hot coffee and tea are served with porridge and sandwiches to satisfy customers hunger. Do you Know the Winner Between Greggs vs McDonald’s Let Read.

Affordable morning meals are served up fresh in cafes in every region. Greggs classic breakfast is enough to  grab customers attention and their culinary skills raise their hunger to enjoy more. Greggs opens up an hour late for a more relaxed Sunday.

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