5 Best Greggs Secret Menu Items to Order in 2024

Greggs plc is a British bakery that specializes in sausage rolls, sandwiches and sweet treats like vanilla slices and doughnuts. Have You Ever Checked the Greggs Secret menu if no then Let’s Check out.

Every region has its own taste and Greggs craft its secret menu on this basis to cater for the specific taste of customers in different regions of the country. Check out also the Greggs Full menu with Price List.

Greggs Secret Menu featuring 25 or 23 items that you can only get in a specific area. The menu is kept secret and specific items are not available on Gregg`s website or any other brand`s social media channel. In order to get these bites, you must have to visit Gregg`s regional outlet and mark your physical appearance. 

Secret items for Greggs Secret Menu

Secret Items of Greggs are Listed Below You can Check the Items and it’s Secret Recipe Also.

Pineapple Cake

If you visit Glasgow, you will see the excessive use of Pineapple cake that is made from sweet pastry shells. It is also filled with pineapple flavor and many other sweets. It is also coated in a deep yellow fondant as well. 

Tottenham Cake

If you want to find the delicacy and taste of the sweet items, Tottenham cake is one of the best options for you. You will find a delicious cake on the top of the cake with pink icing as well. You can get this tasty item in the London shops as well.  

Haggis Pie

Here is the most famous dish related to Scotland, haggis Pie. People who live in Scotland love to taste this food item because they like it. There you can see the tasty pie shell with haggis with swede and mashed potato. It is specially available in Scotland shops.  

Peach Melba

Peach Melba is quite interesting to use and is available in Greggs shops only. Here you will see the sweet pastry shell filled with pieces of peach. It is also sweetened with cream and sweet syrup.  

Secret items for Greggs State Wise

Here is the list of Gregg`s regional specialties that is different country to country:


  • Scotch pies: A double crust pie filled with mutton or other meat
  • Bloomer Sandwiches: Thick slices of white bread spread with mixed fillings.
  • Vanilla doughnuts: Hot dog bun shaped doughnuts filled with  vanilla ice cream and cherry jam
  • French fancies: Double layered, square fondant cake filled & topped with buttercream

The North East

  • Peach Melbas: A pastry filled with cream ,covered with peach pudding
  • Stotties: Flat loaf of bread filled with meat and cheese
  • Empire biscuits: Iced, two buttery biscuits sandwiched together with raspberry jam
  • Savory mince pie: Minced pie filled with meat and onion

The North West

Meat and potato bakes: Meat pastry filled with a mixing of meat, potato and onion

The South East

  • Tottenham cakes: Sponge raspberry cake with coconut icing
  • London cheese cakes: Puff pastry with almond cream and jam

The South West

Egg Custard Tarts: Crusted pastry with vanilla custard in the middle


  • Welsh cakes: Pancake filled with spices and currants
  • Choco flake cakes: Chocolate cakes sandwich

FAQs –Frequently Asked Questions

No, the menu is kept secret and specific items are not available on Gregg`s website or any other brand`s social media channel.

No, Gregg`s couldn`t offer a delivery of its secret items, however it allows a takeaway or dine in.


Gregg`s secret menu is especially crafted to get the taste buds of consumers in different regions of the UK. There are 25 items featured in the menu and you have to be physically present at Gregg`s outlet to enjoy this menu.

You can Checkout More Items and News on their Official Website.

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