10+ Greggs Competitors and Alternatives (Updated List) – 2024

Greggs is a well known bakery chain situated in the United Kingdom. Greggs sells fresh bread and tasty treats. For decades, Greggs made sandwiches, sausage rolls and golden puff pastries. Greggs has a menu of hot desserts and sausage rolls. Coffee and drinks are served with savory items. Have you Checked the Greggs Full Menu with Price List?

There are many international and national competitors that are of Greggs level.  Due to their popularity Greggs has many competitors in the United Kingdom that we discuss below. The main competitors of Greggs include.

Greggs Alternatives

  • Starbucks
  • McDonald’s
  • Yum brands include

Greggs UK Competitors

  • Ocado group (OCDO)
  • J Sainsbury (SBRY)
  • Tate and Lyle (Tate)
  • Cranswick (CWK)
  • Bitvick (BVIC)
  • Fevertree drinks (FEVR)
  • Premier foods (PFD)
  • Hilton Food Groups (HFG)
  • B and M
  • European Value Retail (BME)
  • Coca cola HBC (CCH)

Tate and Lyle

Global supplier of food and beverage to food and industrial market. It is a sugar refining business. It specializes in turning raw materials such as corn and tapioca into ingredients that add taste, texture and nutrients to food and beverage.


Starbucks is a famous American coffee chain. This is a well known coffee chain that serves around the world. Starbucks uses high quality coffee beans. Do you want to Check the Greggs Breakfast menu?


McDonald’s is a multinational fast food restaurant. This serves fast foods including beef and ham burgers, fries, fried chicken, nuggets and ice-cream.

Comparison with competitors

Greggs is a famous and well known bakery chain that offers a quality food item. There are many international and national brands working at different bases. But people cannot live without intake of food. Greggs offers foods to tantalize tastebuds. That’s why Greggs is the most popular and liked brand in the United Kingdom.

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